Robotic Access-Denial (RAD) Technology

Robotic Access Denial Technology Demo

Motors of different speed and shutters of different sizes are available upon request.

Robotic Intruder Marking Technology Demo

Paint sprayer can be mounted at any location. Choice of paint used is up to end-user's discretion.  Paint used in demo is 90% water/ 10% water-soluble paint 

Solutions & Services

 We customise our robotic access-denial solutions to meet your needs.  

We offer a wide range of service to protect your:

  • Jewellery displays
  • Glass doors and windows
  • Car windows
  • Space window
  • Custom solutions for critical infrastructures

About US

We know your pain and we have the pain-killer

Cameras and alarms are not enough and we know it.


If you have been a victim to burglary or have burglary concerns,

Talk to us about: 

  • Your personal/business security needs
  • Cost-efficient robotic access-denial (RAD) solutions
  • AI-driven, multi-layer RAD protection systems
  • Critical infrastructure damage detection and protection

Preventing Harm & Loss

We offer full engineering and design services to create custom business security products and systems. Our highly experienced security experts are here to help you design and customise the RAD solution you need to protect you and your business.

About Us

 We are dedicated to our clients, and they benefit from our strong mission and clear vision. If you're looking to secure your business, contact us today for a comprehensive solution package based on your budget and requirements.

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Each location has its own security needs. Tell us more about your security concerns, so that we can get started on a plan to address them. 

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